Fianarantsoa is a city of over 200,000 situated in Central Madagascar. Feedback Madagascar, our partner in Fianarantsoa, is working on the ground on our behalf, with some of the most vulnerable people who live in appalling conditions. TASC aims to help support their children through school whilst their parents try to rebuild their lives.  Here are some examples of individual stories:

Valerie and her sister Philippine (right)  were both living on the streets in Fianarantsoa. Two years ago TASC, working with Feedback Madagascar, found Valerie and managed to house her in a nearby convent. In September 2018, we discovered Philippine was Valerie’s sister. Philippine is now also living at the convent. Valerie wants to go on to university to train to be a doctor – TASC are seeking the 500 euros a year to help Valerie achieve her dream.

We met with Clément and his daughter Sophie, unfortunately Clément is seriously ill so his future is uncertain. Whilst there we handed out food, drink and new clothes. Clément gave all his food to Sophie.

The picture (below)shows just some of the 55 street children TASC are sending to school in Fianarantsoa.

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