TASC would like to introduce you to VOLA who is 12 year’s old.

Vola has been handicapped since she was born. She can’t stand so she uses a wheelchair. Her mother has been looking for appropriate treatment for Vola for many years, something like a special massage to help her, but there has not been any improvement. She heard about St Josephs handicapped centre and has registered Vola there. The Sister immediately saw the family’s vulnerability and accepted them to replace Noro to live in her house by the centre.

This year is Vola’s first term at St Joseph’s special school. She started her studies and lives in what used to be Noro’s house since the 18th January 2021.

Although her speech is quite limited, her words are quite clear.

She hasn’t got any brothers or sisters (an older sibling died), and lives with her mother RAHANTAMALALA Nathalie, aged 47. To earn some money her mother sells second-hand clothes. Vola has no father.

She likes playing “kitchen” (pretending to make meals, etc.)

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