TASC Madagascar first met Noro in an isolated village of halfway houses we were restoring for homeless families and we were just about to leave when we noticed this hunched up body sitting in the dirt looking at a comic book. Noro was 15 years old and had severe physical and learning disabilities and was living in a broken-down house with her elderly grandmother.

TASC Madagascar decided to try to help, so over the last six years with support from Feedback Madagascar, family, friends and the great skills of a physiotherapist, over a six-month period staying at Foyer Tanjomoha, Noro physically started to improve with her mobility. TASC paid for a new wheelchair and Noro attended regular lessons during her time at Tanjomoha.

TASC Madagascar in the meantime persuaded the nuns at St Joseph’s school for children with learning difficulties to allow us to build a new house for Noro and her grannie close to the gate of their school. Since then, Noro thrived learning to sit upright, she was able to speak a few words, read a little.

Noro had the most infectious smile, she was the inspiration for TASC Madagascar to help the school with a new large community hall, a kitchen, new carpentry shop and a new toilet block, as well as installing a new well for clean water.

We looked forward to seeing her each year and marvelled at her courage and warmth.

Sadly, she passed away in September of this year but she will stay with us always as an inspiration in courage and love.

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