Nohona Primary School.  S.E Madagascar,

A project by TASC Madagascar, The Adsum Foundation and Foyer Tanjomoha , Started 2019.  Completed 2020.

Over the past 2 years and despite numerous logistical problems TASC Madagascar and The Adsum Foundation have in co-operation with Foyer Tanjomoha and Pere Emeric managed to complete a new primary school at Nohona in SE Madagascar. The old school was totally dilapidated and with no transport to and from the village building a school was a daunting prospect. Nohona is in a very isolated region and the village has been Outcast by other parts of society for centuries.

TASC Madagascar have been supporting the village for 20 years and the last major great need was a new school. The works were impossible without first repairing the existing road and building 3 new bridges for access which were completed in 2019. Getting materials to and from Nohona even with the new bridges has been a very slow and expensive ordeal but with the guidance from Pere Emeric and the amazing work of his volunteer engineer Gwen they have managed over a year and a half to complete the school to a high standard as can be seen from below.

This school would never have happened without the support and funding from The Adsum Foundation though their executive Gavan Lonergan and his trust and support of TASC Madagascar. It has been funded by donations from family and friends and a major donation for the bridge and roadworks from C Field construction and the Crowley family.

 It was a very difficult project to complete with security issues, transport issues and Covid 19 but the dedication of the workers and villagers to make this happen is an inspiration. TASC Madagascar have committed to supporting the 6 teachers salaries for the next 5 years while waiting for a stable government and proper funding for teachers and with The Adsum Foundation support have given bicycles to all the teachers and some of the village elders.

This has been a 20 year dream for us at TASC Madagascar. This village is Pere Emeric’s and our spiritual home and the welcome we receive every year  from the people and children has warmed and humbled us by their generosity and kindness in the face of years of poverty and stigmatization.

They are our friends and a wonderful community and education will surely make life better for the future.

Thanks to everyone.


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