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To date we have concentrated our capital projects on primary school buildings, health centres, new vegetable and rice farming methods and in reforestation for both crops and biodiversity.

Much of this work has only been made possible through a close working relationship with our good friend Pere Emeric. With his guidance we have managed to engage with and gain the respect of the many villages and officials ensuring we have the necessary buy-in from the communities we are trying to help.

We have also supported major infrastructure projects in water and sanitation, school buildings and essential roads and bridges in the Outcast villages of Tanantsara and Nohona and the Leprosy villages at Farafangana and Vangandrano.

In the second largest city Fianarantsoa, we are supporting street children to get back into school and also providing much needed school desks and furniture as well as teacher, parent and family support. We are supporting 10 students annually with full bursaries at University and also provide lunch support for over 130 younger children.

We have supported St Joseph’s school for severely disabled children and we also have a wide program of providing clean water and sanitation in outlying poorer villages.

Major Reforestation Project

This is the biggest project we have ever undertaken and it is going better than we could have hoped. A total of 46 hectares (100 acres) of land has now been bought and planted with a total of 85,000...

Outcast Villages Project

Nohona and Tanantsara are two “outcast” villages we support. The inhabitants were outcast hundreds of years ago when a dispute led to them being classified as dogs and, until recent years, they have...

Refurbishment of Girls’ Dorm at Tanjomoha

We are delighted to show you the finished product after a full refurbishment of the Girls' dorm bathrooms.  They were in a dreadful state before refurbishment was funded by a gen erous donor and we...

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