• outcast-village-welcome

    A Malagasy welcome for TASC visitors at Nohona in 2016

    Nohona and Tanantsara are two “outcast” villages we support. The inhabitants were outoutcast-village-projectcast hundreds of years ago when a dispute led to them being classified as dogs and, until recent years, they have been completely ostracised from normal society, unable to shop in the market without being spat on or assaulted.  Various projects in the last few years, including an excellent new school which we have supported by paying teachers, have led to barriers being broken down and the situation is now better. The Village Farming Project enables a family to cultivate a smallholding of about 4 acres so they can become self-sufficient.  It takes about six months for a family, working together with other couples, to clear and prepare the land for farming during which time they have no other income.  TASC Madagascar has been paying for their food during that period.  We visited the village with the bike riders and had an amazing welcome.   We were quite overwhelmed when we saw the 115 farms which have now been established, and were shown round by the proud farmers and their families. The photo s
    hows one family proudly showing off their new crop.  This project is being expanded yet further by Pere Emeric, subject to finding available scrub land.  What a contrast – from a dog’s life to one of dignity.

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