Readers will remember Noro, a young disabled girl who TASC have been helping for some time.  When we met her she was living in poverty, not going to school, very sad and had no hope.  Working with local agencies, TASC has used part of a generous legacy from Dr William Hutton to build a new hall for the school for the disabled at Andaobato, and to build a house next door for Noro and her grandmother who cares for her.  The house is adapted for Noro’s needs and has a wheelchair accessible WC.   Noro is now attending the school and is visibily improving. She has daily contact with other young people and is becoming more confident and much happier.  She is now talking a little and has a reason to live.   TASC Madagascar is also supporting Noro’s grandmother back into work so she can provide an income for herself and Noro.  We are delighted that Noro is one of our amazing “starfish”.

The Hall is used not only for education but for local exhibitions, assemblies, parents’ meetings and other festivities.  It is a wonderful addition to a inspirational place which provides help and support for disabled children in the area who otherwise would have difficulty even surviving.  The new Hall opened amid happy celebrations in June.  Pupils including Noro enjoyed dancing, prayer and fun at the opening celebrations which lasted all weekend.  TASC is delighted to have been able to help with this project.



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