2018 was a busy year, with major projects (eg Andasy school build and St Joseph’s school hall) taking up much time and effort.  When Trustees Stuart Martin MBE (Chairman) and Pat O’Brien visited current and past projects in October they were delighted at the real impact these had made on the lives of those we seek to support.  Here is a list of some of those projects.  More details can be found elsewhere in the website – and the agenda for 2019 is even fuller!


Built and opened a very large Hall and Kitchen area for the school for the disabled.

Completed Noro’s house which has wheelchair access, a bedroom for Noro and her grandmother, a wet wash room and a living room and kitchen.

Installed over 150 desks into 3 schools.  During our October visit it was clear pupils, parents and teachers are thrilled with the impact and the quality and requested more.

Completed the refurbishment of the 8 half way houses about 8 km in which women and children who are vulnerable can stay.

Completed a 2 bedroom house close to the railway tracks which is now occupied by a previously homeless man Samual and a very sick homeless woman and her daughter.

Managed to get Patricia who was a very sick pregnant girl with all sorts of medical problems into hospital and on medication.  She gave birth to a daughter last Christmas and stayed at the half way house for 6 months and has now returned back to her village.

Continued our efforts at schooling for the homeless children who live around the hotel where we stay and have managed to keep 55 kids in school. 22 of these have now graduated onto normal school with support from TASC and another 33 who we met are attending school 3-4 days per week with 2 great dedicated teachers and also receiving some lunches. They still beg for part of the time but while there, we supplied clothes for them all, met some of their parents and confirmed continued support and equipment for next year. They get regular support with porridge and lunches and clothes where needed.

Funded one very good student Valerie in a boarding school for all of last year – she achieved top marks and is there again this year.

Andasy, Nohona & Tanantsara

Almost completed the new school build ( 6 classrooms) at Andasy.

Installed two major Treadle pumps including inlet piping, reinforced concrete foundations, stands and tanks and outlet piping in the 2 villages of Tanantsara and Sarinesy.

Installed a much needed well in Nohona.

Tanjomoha Children’s Home

Funded the installation of a large retaining wall and fence and the levelling of a soccer pitch up near Foyer Deguise.

Funded renovation of a major water tank and a new roof.

Provided vents for all the kitchens to allow cooks to work without smoke.

Repainting and re tiled of the toilets and kitchen area at the TB clinic.

Retiled 3 bathroom areas at dorms for younger kids.

Repainted 6 of the classrooms originally built for the Outcast Kids and now used by all.

Supported the ongoing costs of maintaining the reforestation project.

Provided a new well at Tanjomoha.



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