2016 Charity Bike Ride And Supporters Tour Approaches

bikeAs the 2016 charity bike ride and supporters’ tour approaches the participants will be making their last preparations and the children in Tanjomoha will be rehearsing their welcome.  We wish them all well on what we are sure will be a life changing experience.  Have a look at this website in late October for a report on how they got on.

Letter to Chairman

letterTASC Chairman Stuart Martin MBE recently received this letter. Thank you Girlguiding North Yorkshire West from all at TASC Madagascar for this most generous donation.  Your support is much valued.

Lush, Henry Street, Dublin

Many thanks to everyone at LUSH in Henry Street, Dublin, for supporting TASC Madagascar with a Charity Pot Donation party this weekend.  Store manager Kristin Hansen was inspired by a friend’s accounts of her involvement with TASC and suggested to Chairman Stuart Martin that TASC should apply for support from a LUSH Charity Pot Party.  We are very grateful to Kirsten and all in the Henry Street store for their wonderful support, and hope the event was a real success.

September 2013 – North Yorks West Guides Help in Madagascar

ome of the Guides with one of the new houses they raised funds to build in a village which had burned down

A group of Guides from North Yorkshire visited Madagascar last month to experience this wonderful island and to help support our friends in and around Vohipeno. Hannah, aged 16, summed up her memories:

“What struck me most about Madagascar was how happy the people there are. From our western culture’s point of view, they live in poverty and yet they are so much happier than we are. The pride they have in the little they have is so inspiring, just like when the king of the outcast village showed us his house, it was amazing how much they treasure each and every blessing they have. I wish we could reflect their gratitude and happiness back in England and follow the same priorities they do. I’m so grateful I was given the opportunity to meet these people and experience their truly inspiring way of life.”

The Guides stayed in Tanjomoha and helped to renovate a canteen which serves 75 children every day. More photos can be seen on the TASC Madagascar Facebook page – see link on the right of this page

Well done and thank you to you all!

Some of the Guides hard at work
Some of the Guides hard at work
A Guiding hand
A Guiding hand

June 2013 – News, World Blow to Tanjomoha Funding

The impact of the global recession on charities across the world has been recognised for some time. At TASC Madagascar we do what we can to help our friends in and around the Children’s Home in Tanjomoha (see pages on website), but we have just heard that the World Food programme which has supported Tanjomoha over many years has withdrawn all funding – about €35000 per year. This has caused Pere Emeric and his team to make cuts in the services they provide to the most needy, suspending food canteens at local schools where there is no other food provided. The Home is also seeing a significant increase in malnutrition and associated diseases with a big rise in those suffering from TB. Now, more than ever, we at TASC need to do all we can to provide all the help we can during this particularly difficult time.
June 13.


Please give £5 a month to support this project

Take a look at the Trees of Love page to see how we are investing to provide a secure and sustainable future for the children we help in Madagascar – and if you can, please support us!




Look at that smile

In May an elderly lady came to the Children’s Home in Tanjomoha, holding a little girl, aged about 3, by the hand. She explained that the girl was called Oly, and she was a child who was “fady” or “cu
rsed” because she was born of an illicit union between parents. The child’s parents had been banished from the village and had fled, leaving the girl behind. She too was under threat because of the curse on the family. Oly does not have a birth certificate and the home has very little accurate information on her. But now she studies in Nursery 1 at St. Genevieve school. She is full of life, bubbling with intelligence, mischievous, affectionate, displaying an irresistible smile in all circumstances. Pere Emeric describes her as “a ray of sunlight that shines…and lights up everyone’s hearts”.

By supporting TASC Madagascar you directly help children like Oly escape from poverty, starvation and death.  If you want to meet Oly, sign up for our annual Charity Bike Ride!



kitchen-blockGreat progress has been made and the renovation work is entering the final stages.  The photos show the new kitchen block nearing completion, and the gazebo to allow patients to meet and talk in the shade, a wonderful facility for them, is almost finished.  The team from Tanjomoha are planting 150 acacia and coco trees in the gardens this week.  What a transformation!  Have a look at some of the original photos on the relevant page on this website to see what as been achieved with your support.


In this website you will find information on the ways in which we are trying to help, and the communities which we support. If you would like further details about the work we do please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Martin on bigstu.martin@virgin.net. If you would like to make a donation please send it to Bruce Ellis at 34 Harrow Down, Winchester SO22 4LZ or contact him on eb.ellis@ntlworld.com.